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To get a better idea of the grandeur and scope of the artists who are currently participating in the artist residencies at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, visit this page often for bios and introductions.


Richelle Gribble


Richelle Gribble is a mixed media artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her artwork explores networks, ecology, systems theory and our expansive web of life. Winner of 2016 Grand Prize Award for solo exhibition and representation at JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY with inclusion in Art Market San Francisco, Texas Contemporary, and Miami Project. Works exhibited on LED screen in Times Square; Christie’s Salesroom Rockefeller Center; Fisher Museum of Fine Arts; John Wayne Airport; and more. Art acquired by Tides Institute and Museum of Art, Kala Collection, Relativity Headquarters, USC’s Art & Trojan Traditions Collection, and also flew to space aboard Blue Origin’s space system. Work presented in a TEDxTrousdale talk “What is our Role within a Networked Society?” and published in The Creator’s Project, The Atlantic, and VICE Magazine.  

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Douglas Hedwig


Composer Douglas Hedwig was a trumpet player with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City for 27 years and was on the faculty of The Juilliard School.  Since turning his full attention to composition in 2011, his music has been performed at the Blossom Music Festival by members of the Cleveland Orchestra (OH), the West Point Band (U.S. Army Band), Chestnut Brass Company, Chattanooga Symphony String Quintet, at the New Music on the Bayou Festival (LA), and worldwide via FM and internet radio “Radiophrenia” broadcasts from Glasgow, Scotland.  Dr. Hedwig now resides in Tennessee with his wife.                                                         

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Alexander Landerman


Alexander Landerman is a visual artist examining the relationship between humans and animals.  Utilizing charcoal, ink and letterpress, his work explores the diminishing connection between society and nature.  Landerman completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2-Dimensional Art at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, where he also minored in art history.  His work has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.  He is currently furthering his material education working towards his Master of Fine Art in Printmaking at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

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William (Billy) Lombardo


Billy Lombardo is a teacher and a writer from Chicago, Illinois.  He is the author of three books of fiction: The Man with Two Arms, How to Hold a Woman, and Logic of a Rose: Chicago Stories.  He is the co-founder and managing editor of Polyphony HS, a student-run, international literary magazine for high school writers and editors.  At Brush Creek this summer, he will be working on a pilot for a TV series, and a book on the craft of fiction for new writers/young writers.  He will also be writing a couple of stories to complete a novel-in-stories.  

Ryan Brown                                                              


Described as “nimble, expressive, ear--‐turning and strange in an accessible way” (Washington City Paper), Ryan Brown’s music has been performed around the world by many excellent performers and presenters, including Kronos Quartet, Roomful of Teeth, Crash Ensemble, Brooklyn Philharmonic, JACK Quartet, MATA Festival, and the NY Phil's first Biennial. Ryan has received a Gerbode Emerging Composer Award and a Young Composer Award from ASCAP, and was a finalist for the Gaudeamus Prize. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University, and is also a graduate of California State University--‐Long Beach and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

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 Clarissa Callesen



Clarissa Callesen is a 3-D artist working with found objects, recycled textiles, and clay.  Her work is inspired and informed by her untraditional choice of materials.  In choosing this medium, it is her objective to explore the margins and to find beauty and value in that which our society has discarded.  She has exhibited her art throughout Western Washington including solo exhibits at Tasty in Seattle, WA and Social Fabric in Bellingham, WA.  She was an artist in residence at Playa Artist Program in summer Lake, OR.  Her work has appeared in the books “Who’s your Dada?” and “Art without Waste”.

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Reinaldo Moya



Reinaldo Moya is a graduate of Venezuela’s El Sistema music education system. Through El Sistema, he had access to musical training from an early age and was a founding member of the Simón Bolívar Orchestra touring throughout Europe, North and South America. A graduate of The Juilliard School and a participant in the prestigious John Duffy Composers Institute and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Edward T. Cone Composers Institute, Moya now lives in Northfield, and is Associate Professor of Composition at Augsburg College. 

Reinaldo Moya is the recipient of the 2015 McKnight Composers Fellowship, the Van Lier Fellowship from Meet the Composer, and the Aaron Copland Award from the Copland House.

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Robin Starbuck



Robin Starbuck is a New York based artist and filmmaker. She is an adopted daughter of the Apsaalooke Tribe of eastern Montana and a professor of experimental film and animation at Sarah Lawrence College. Her work in experimental film, installation art, animation and media for theater has been exhibited in Museums, Cultural Centers, Galleries, and festivals in the United States, Europe and South America. She has received multiple awards and fellowships for artist residencies both nationally and internationally. Ms. Starbuck’s current projects include How We see Water, an experimental documentary film on indigenous young women in Chiapas, Mexico, Stag’s Mirror, a poetic interpretation of Rosario’ Castellano’s novel, The Book of Lamentations, and several animated film projects.

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Judith Torrea    

Judith Torrea is an award-winning independent investigative blogger, journalist and author based in Ciudad Juárez, México. Torrea´s work spotlights some of the most dire human rights cases in Ciudad Juárez, and analyzes the impact that the war against drugs has on marginalized and poor communities. Her book Juárez en la sombra (Aguilar) was already released in Latin America and Spain.

Torrea has spent most of her two decades career covering the México/USA Border, with a special emphasis on women rights issues, such as femicides, human trafficking and missing girls. A pioneer blogger in conflicts zones, Torrea writes her own blog, Ciudad Juarez, in the Shadow of Drug Trafficking since 2009, when it was the most dangerous city in the world. This blog has won the 2010 Ortega y Gasset Prize, considered “the Pulitzer Prize for Latin America and Spain,” the 2011 Bob’s from the Deustche Welle, know as “the Oscar of the blogs,” among other awards. She was a Knight Fellow at Stanford.

Judith is Ragdale’s 2015 Alice Judson Hayes Fellowship recipient.


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