Meet Our Resident Artists

To get a better idea of the grandeur and scope of the artists who are currently participating in the artist residencies at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, visit this page often for bios and introductions.



Johanna Mueller is a printmaker, artist and entrepreneur, born and raised in Denver, now residing in Greeley, CO. She earned a BFA in printmaking from The Metropolitan University of Denver and an MFA in printmaking from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. She has had the opportunity to speak to students about her work, the business of art, as well as demonstrate engraving methods at institutions including: The Denver Art Museum, The University of Denver, Vanderbilt University, Bowling Green State University, Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi, and many more. Johanna has been the recipient of the Laila Twigg Smith Artist Residency Program at the Donkey Mill Arts Center, in Kona, HI, the Jentel Artist Residency in Banner, WY and an artist in Residency at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, CO.


Marsha Goldberg is originally from Boston, MA, and currently based in New Jersey. She works primarily in painting, drawing, and printmaking, and has most recently been making cyanotypes from ink-on-acetate drawings. Residential programs she’s attended include the Ucross Foundation, the Millay Colony, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and the Skowhegan School.

Goldberg has exhibited widely, and her work is in several public collections, including Harvard’s Fogg Art Museum and the Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers.

At Brush Creek she plans to work on a multi-panel work on paper that combines cyanotype with drawing materials and continues her investigation into the way war-related images are used in news media.

BENJAMIN EHRLICH - Literary Artist

Benjamin Ehrlich is the author of The Dreams of Santiago Ramon y Cajal (Oxford University Press, 2016). His work has appeared in Nautilus and New England Review, where he serves on the editorial panel. A Sazlburg Global, he has attended residencies at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and Jentel.

He was a founding volunteer at Word Up, the non-profit community bookshop in Washington Hights, Manhattan.

His next book, The Brain That Discovered Itself, is under contract with Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

ROBERT STROBEL - Musician/Composer

Robert Strobel composes art music and invites you to listen. In 2018, he won third place in the Bruno Maderna International Composers Competition. That same year, his music was played at the Electroacoustic Mini Fest, Art Song Lab, Aspen Composers Conference, the Electroacoustic Barn Dance, and the SCI National Conference. His music has been broadcast on WPRB Princeton and on Hawaii Public Radio. Other works are on SCI CD Series vol. 32 and on the album Sn. Commissions he has received include the LDS Barlow Commission, among others. Robert has a doctorate degree in composition from Florida State University.

In residence at Brush Creek, Strobel plans to work on a short piece for the Salt Lake Choral Artists, ideally undertake movements for his ongoing Western Preludes and Fugues project, and any other projects that may present themselves in the future.

SUZANNE SAMUELS - Literary Artist

While at Brush Creek, Suzanne Samuels will be revising her historical novel, The Orphans’ Wheel, set in early twentieth century New York City. This manuscript tells the story of Mimi Inglese, a young Sicilian noblewoman who finds herself increasingly drawn into her father’s criminal activities. As her father’s situation grows more precarious, Mimi must decide who she is and what she’s willing to do to survive in this new world.

Suzanne is co-author of Capturing the Crown, which chronicles the attempt by then sixteen-year-old Charlotte Samuels to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, a trifecta of three of the most difficult swims in the world – the English Channel, Catalina Channel, and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. In capturing the Crown, Charlotte became the youngest Triple Crowner, a world record she still holds.

Suzanne’s essays and short stories have appeared in Six Hens, Snapdragon, Cyclamen and Swords, With Painted Words, Swimming World Magazine, Life in Ten Minutes, Red Eft Review and Mothers Always Write.

JACK MATTHEWS - Literary Artist

After working at various times as educator, engineer, and environmental consultant, Jack Matthews now writes full time. His first novel, "The Alliance," placed second in the Thriller category of the 2017 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold competition. Not satisfied with the quality of the manuscript, Jack spent several months re-crafting the story into "The Woman from Wyoming," a conspiratorial tale of greed and corruption in the oil patch. While actively seeking representation for TWFW, Jack will be busy writing the first draft of his second novel—a dark fable, set in the cold, winter twilight of Wyoming, of how otherwise good people justify evil behavior.


From Annapolis, Maryland so I have a very strong opinion on where to get a crab cake. I call Venice home and have trouble conjuring up the next city to live in. I have a scratch off world map and I use an itty bitty eraser to mark the very specific places I have explored. I'm sort of obsessed with cactuses and succulents. I named my cat after the speed of film so I'm a bit of a photo nerd. We can chat about pretty much anything, but I usually avoid tech-speak. So, let's talk about travel, food, plants, kittens and the history of art.


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