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"Being a resident at Brush Creek was a gift — the place, the people and the opportunity to work surpassed all expectations. The whole experience was about being in the present while creating something for the future." BCFA Alumni

Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts is a non-profit organization offered time and space for artistic exploration to visual artists, writers, musicians and composers from all backgrounds, level of expertise, media and genres. Two separate three week residency sessions were offered per year depending on availability and applicant’s ranking in jury process.

Creativity flows next to the banks of Brush Creek where up to eight residents immerse themselves in uninterrupted work time to polish existing projects, explore new endeavors and further develop their craft. A jury of professionals from the arts and humanities ranked residents based on submitted work samples in a competitive selection process for our artist residency programs. Awards were based on juror ranking, submitted proposal, and overall application.


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